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Administrative Citations

The Administrative Citation Ordinance was established to address code violations that are not voluntarily corrected by residents and other responsible parties. The Administrative Citation process establishes a procedure that provides an additional civil legal remedy that allows for Turlock Municipal Code (TMC) violations to be processed in a civil manner, thereby avoiding the necessity of a criminal prosecution.

The primary goal of the City is to have residents voluntarily comply with Code requirements. The Administrative Citation process is a tool available if voluntary compliance is not possible.

The Administrative Citation process allows for the issuance of warning notices and subsequent citations with increasing fines for each offense. When an Enforcement Officer determines that there has been a violation of the TMC, by witnessing the violation or after conducting an investigation due to a third party complaint, the enforcement officer may issue an Administrative Warning Notice. The Warning Notice will act to alert the responsible party to the fact that a violation of the Code has been committed and give that person an opportunity to remedy the situation within a specified number of days indicated on the Warning Notice. The chart below illustrates the Administrative Citation process.

Violation Reported or Witnessed
Warning Notice Issued
Specified time given to resolve issue
Violation not resolved
1st Offense Citation issued
Request a Hearing
Filed within 30 days of the Citation issuance date. Violation fines paid as deposit or Hardship Waiver approved
Violation not resolved
2nd Offense Citation issued
Hearing held
Decision Rendered

Appeal to Superior Court within 20 days
Violation not resolved
3rd Offense Citation issued
Violation not resolved
Other enforcement actions

Fine Schedules
Administrative Fine Schedule
$100.00For a 1st offense
$200.00For a 2nd offense of the same Code section that is committed within 12 months of the 1st offense.
$500.00For a 3rd offense of the same Code section that is committed within 12 months of the 1st offense.

Building & Safety Code Fines
$100.00For a 1st offense.
$500.00For a 2nd offense of the same Code section that is committed within 12 months of the 1st offense.
$1,000.00For a 3rd offense of the same Code section that is committed within 12 months of the 1st offense.
Issuance of a Warning Notice is not mandatory prior to issuing a Citation if the Enforcement Officer determines that the responsible person is a chronic or repeat offender of the code, or when the violation represents an immediate danger to health or safety, or is otherwise a serious or substantial detriment to public welfare.

Each day that a prohibited condition, use or activity under the code is committed and/or allowed to continue, shall constitute a separate violation for which a citation may be issued.

A Citation may be served either by personal delivery to the responsible party or by first class mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

Payment of a fine does not excuse a cited person from correcting the violation for which they were cited.

Should the fines be delinquent after 90 days, the City may begin proceedings to collect any past due fines and/or late payment charges by use of all available legal means.

To contact the City Clerk, please contact:

City Clerk's Office
156 S. Broadway, Ste. 230
Turlock, CA 95380-5454
(209) 668-5540
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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