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Where the Money Comes From

Where the money comes from determines how it can be spent

General Fund is used to account for money which is not required legally or by sound financial management to be accounted for in another fund.
Services Provided: Police and Fire services, administration, park maintenance, recreation activities

Enterprise Funds are used to account for self supporting activities which provide services on a user-charge basis.
Services Provided: Water and Sewer services

Special Revenue and Capital Project Funds are used to account for activities paid for by taxes or other designated revenue sources which have specific limitations on use according to law.
Example: Gas Tax, Landscape and Lighting Districts, Capital Facility Fees

Internal Service Funds are used to account for services provided internally in support of various City Departments by a department or function.
Example: Vehicle Maintenance Fund, Information Technology

Sales Tax

When you purchase a taxable item in Turlock, you will pay 7.375% sales tax on that item. That amount is usually shown as a separate item on your receipt, and is paid to the State of California.

How much of that money goes to the City of Turlock?

Well, 6.0% goes to the State, 0.425% goes to Stanislaus County, and the remaining 0.95% goes to the City.

Let's say you buy a car for $25,000. You will pay $1906.25 in sales tax. The State of CA will get $1625, the County will get $43.75, and the City of Turlock gets $237.50.

Property Tax

In Stanislaus County, homeowners pay 1% of the assessed taxable value of their home in property tax. This money goes to the County (11.17%), the schools (77.9%), the City (8.57%), and other agencies through tax sharing agreements (2.6%).

The current median sales price of a single family home in Turlock is approximately $286,000. The annual property tax for this home is 1% of the assessed taxable value, which in this case equates to $2,860.

Of that $2,860, the schools receive $2,227, Stanislaus County receives $317, the City receives $242, and the remaining $74 goes to other agencies through tax sharing agreements.

For more information or questions about the City budget, please contact:

Administrative Services
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