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Feasibility Study

The City of Turlock is the second-largest city in Stanislaus County with a population just over 72,000. Turlock lies between Modesto and Merced and has a total land area of 16.9 square miles. Located in the heart of the beautiful Central Valley, residents enjoy the proximity of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and Sacramento -- just hours away by car.

When residents were asked to describe what makes Turlock a great place to live they were enthusiastic about the City. They highly value the small town charm, progressive attitudes, the wide variety of things to do, the climate, and the central location. Residents characterized the community as active, engaged and safe. Turlock is also valued as a great place to raise a family.

Turlock is known as the "Heart of the Valley" because of its agricultural production. Agricultural development surrounds most of the City and remains a major economic force in the region. Turlock has hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters that creates a climate supportive of rich agriculture. However, until the current season, Turlock has experienced 5 years of drought resulting in the implementation of strict water restrictions.

Turlock is home to California State University, Stanislaus (CSUS), Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Carnegie Arts Center, and the Turlock Regional Sports Complex -- providing the community with numerous educational, cultural, and athletic opportunities. However, the City is heavily reliant on school facilities to achieve City service levels for sports and recreation. The City of Turlock has proactively sought partnerships to provide expanded services to the community and to maximize community resources. The partnership between the City and the Turlock Unified School District, and the City and Carnegie Foundation are two examples.

The community is engaged, active, and uses the resources available to them. With the intensification of use and as the community continues to grow, existing facility deficiencies are exacerbated. The Recreation Element of the General Plan addressed these issues. The 2012 General Plan Update concluded that the City of Turlock is unable to solely support the development and operations of major facilities. The General Plan recommended development of a strategy to identify and prioritize the community's desired major public facilities and identification the capital costs, operating cost, and capital funding options, including seeking partners.

In 2016, the Sports and Recreation Facilities Prioritization and Feasibility Study was launched.

City Council provided direction for the study, as listed below:
  • Identify City-wide facility and program priorities
  • Engage the community in a collaborative process
  • Develop an achievable and sustainable plan
  • Create a strategic planning tool to guide future development
The Sports Management Group, a national recreation planning firm, based in Berkeley, California was retained to assist the City in the preparation of the Study.

Sports & Recreation Facilities Prioritization and Feasibility Study

For questions about the feasibility study, please contact:

Recreation Division
144 S. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 668-5594
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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