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Friday, February 2, 2024


(Turlock, CA | February 2, 2024) – City of Turlock leaders today criticized the lack of transparency displayed by various Stanislaus County officials and a Bay Area developer for their plan to transform a long-time elder care facility into a complex to serve homeless and other at risk populations with severe mental illness as well as addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

An entity affiliated with Alamo Health Management of Alamo, California has sought City permits to renovate the former Las Palmas Estates at 1617 Colorado Avenue for what Alamo called an “adult residential care facility” with occupancy of up to 84 persons.

Alamo and the County did not disclose to the City that the occupancy would be based upon referrals from the Stanislaus County Behavioral Health Services department.

The County Board of Supervisors approved a contract amendment with another Alamo-affiliated company on November 7, 2023 to provide the company with over $4.8 million to provide services requested by the County’s Behavioral Health department.

Turlock Mayor Amy Bublak strongly criticized the approach taken by Alamo and the County after attending a zoom conference Wednesday with Alamo’s CEO Betty Dominici. “It was quite dismaying to find out from Alamo’s CEO that the target populations for the complex will be persons with severe mental health challenges, the homeless and persons recently released from state prison or county jail. The CEO also told us it was a high priority for Governor Newsom,” the Mayor stated.

“The County and the developer could not have picked a worse location than so close to Dutcher Middle School, across from a center that treats autistic children, in a residential neighborhood and cluster of medical professionals,” the Mayor said.

Bublak singled out County Supervisor Vito Chiesa – who represents Turlock - for not informing Turlock residents of the County-Alamo alliance to change much needed housing for seniors into a mental health center. “Vito often attends our city council meetings and updates us on all sorts of matters with much less impact on Turlock residents than this scheme,” the Mayor observed.

Turlock City Manager Reagan Wilson similarly criticized the approach of the bay area developer and the County. “The City was not briefed on the project and our police chief just heard about it this week despite the obvious impacts it will have on the neighborhood. I could go on, but let’s just say this isn’t how city and county government should collaborate,” Wilson stated.

“The City staff is reviewing the matter in full and we will be presenting options at our February 13th City Council to ensure the safety of our Turlock neighborhood,” Wilson added.

“I look forward to the review of the matter by the entire City Council,” Bublak noted. “I’m sure the County will have all sorts of excuses but my first question will be why are the priorities our San Francisco Governor and a Bay Area developer more important to our County Supervisor than the effects on Turlock residents, business owners, and our children” the Mayor concluded.

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George Petrulakis, City Attorney, Phone:(209) 668-5540 | Reagan Wilson, City Manager, Phone:(209) 668-5540

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