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Day Care Licensing

Day Care Licensing and Requirements (for providers with 9 - 14 children)

You will need contact the Licensed Child Care Fresno Child Care Regional Office, 770 East Shaw Ave., Suite 300, Fresno CA 93710. Phone 559-243-4588. They will notify us when all your state licensing information has been processed. Turlock Fire Prevention Bureau will then contact you to schedule a fire inspection for your day care home.

Fees and conditions:

The Fire inspection fee for new and annual inspections of day care or private schools is $100.00 per hour. Health and Safety Code Section 13235 states pre-inspection fee for fewer than 25 shall not exceed $50.00.

Fire Safety Inspection Guidelines

  1. 4" illuminated dusk till dawn, house numbers with contrasting background shall be visible from the street.
  2. Smoke detectors shall be appropriately placed and in working order.
  3. One fire extinguisher, serviced annually shall be mounted on the wall with the top of the extinguisher no higher than 48" above the floor. Classification of extinguisher shall be 2A10BC or larger.
  4. An approved manual fire alarm pull station with horn device shall be installed on a wall in an approved location. Alarm shall be clearly audible throughout the facility. Alarm shall not be required to be interconnected with any other fire alarm device, control panel or be supervised electronically.
  5. Separation wall with solid core door and self closing device between garage and living area is required.
  6. Unenclosed gas fired water heaters or furnaces are not allowed in open sleeping areas and shall be protected to prevent child contact. (Exception kitchen stoves and ovens)
  7. Care for children shall take place only on ground floor.
  8. Exit doors shall be open-able without the use of a key or any special knowledge.
  9. Two exits are required.
  10. Exits shall directly lead to a public way.
  11. Bedroom windows shall be free from obstructions and fully open-able.
  12. Facility shall post and practice an Emergency Exit Plan.
  13. Emergency contact numbers shall be posted.
  14. Fireplace will be properly protected from child contact.
  15. Fireplace ashes shall be properly disposed of.
  16. Combustibles shall be removed from cooking areas and HVAC closets.
  17. Kitchen hood shall be clean and maintained in proper working order.
  18. Electrical cords shall be in good working order, and properly used.
  19. Household chemicals, matches, candles etc. shall be stored out of children's reach.
  20. Clothes dryer lint collector and vent pipes shall be kept clean at all times.
  21. Washer shall be properly grounded.
  22. Good housekeeping shall be maintained at all times.
  23. Flammable liquids shall be stored appropriately.
  24. Power strips and multi plug adapters shall be equipped with "circuit breaker protection".
  25. Exits shall lead directly to public right of way.

For questions regarding large family day care licensing, please contact:

Turlock Fire Department
244 N. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380-5454
(209) 668-5580
Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM
Closed daily 12PM - 1PM

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