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Safe Commuting

Our sincere desire is provide a safe environment for those who live, work or travel in Turlock. With your cooperation, we can make our community a happy and healthy environment.

Safe Bicycling

The Traffic Safety Unit wants to educate youth of the importance of safe bicycling. We stress the point it is as important for youths to wear helmets while riding a bicycle as it is for adults to wear seatbelts while driving. The Turlock Police Department provides free bicycle helmets to children under 18 years old. Please contact the Bicycle Patrol Sergeant for further information.

Also, bicycles MUST follow the same rules of the road as vehicles. While riding during darkness, a headlight and reflectors are required by law. Bicyclists can be cited for violations just like motorists.

FACT: The use of a properly worn bicycle helmet would reduce the number of head injuries by 80% in bicycle accidents!!

Safe Driving

Seat Belts

Modern technological advances have greatly increased safety in vehicles. However, the proper use of seatbelts is still the most effective in reducing injuries in the event of a collision. The proper way to wear a shoulder harness seatbelt is to have the shoulder strap OVER the shoulder resting about halfway from your neck to the edge of your shoulder. The belt should be snug, but not restricting or causing discomfort.

FACT: Did you know if you wear the shoulder strap of your seatbelt UNDER your arm you could be cited for improper seatbelt use?

Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats


If you are involved in a collision where the airbags have deployed, the vehicle is considered unsafe to drive. If you are involved in a frontal collision where the airbags have NOT deployed, there is a chance they may deploy at a random time. For your safety, always have your vehicle inspected by a licensed professional after a collision and before driving it.

For questions about safe commuting, please contact:

Traffic Safety Unit
244 N. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 664-7380

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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